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HePS (Hawaii Electronic Procurement System)

HePS (Hawaii Electronic Procurement System)

HePS is the electronic procurement system for the State of Hawaii, a system for issuing solicitations, receiving responses, and issuing notices of award.  Vendors such as tile sub-contractors can sign up for possible jobs awarded by the state.  Once you have registered, you will receive RFP’s (request for proposals) and it is up to your discretion to apply for the particular job(s). In the past, the highest awarded jobs could not exceed $50,000.00 per contract.  However, the 2009 Hawaii state legislature is considering increasing the “up to” or maximum award amount to $250,000.00.

We recommend that you register and complete the application.  You must do so online at

What is HePS?

While the Procurement Notices System (PNS) could be considered part of an eProcurement system, eProcurement, and HePS is much more and has several elements. Our eProcurement system is hosted by SicommNet and has the following elements:

  1. Vendor registration:  Vendors register on HePS by enter standard information such as company name and address, and create a profile identifying the categories of goods, services or construction the vendor provides.  Government purchasers can search HePS prior to solicitation to ensure vendors are registered for the goods, services or construction they need to procure.
  2. Electronic Solicitations: Government purchasers (called buyers in HePS) enter their solicitation on electronic forms and may attach files, if needed.  Once released, posted on the internet via HePS the electronic solicitations are available in a standard format to vendors registered on HePS.
  3. E-mail notification:  Each evening e-mails are sent to vendors registered for the categories of goods and services being procured, providing a link directly to the solicitation.  Amendments are also issued electronically with e-mail notifications sent to vendors.
  4. Submission of electronic quotes.  Vendors submit quotes electronically in as few as three clicks and may also add comments or attach files as appropriate.  A vendor may amend the quote electronically as many times as necessary up to the submission due date and time.
  5. Electronic award: Once a solicitation closes, the HePS buyer reviews the submissions.  When a decision is made, the buyer notifies the vendor on HePS and the awarded vendor receives a notice of award in an e-mail.  Non-selected offerors are also notified.
  6. Searchable:  Because the solicitations, responses, and notices of award are electronic, data is kept in a database and is searchable.  Vendors and buyers may search awards and solicitations.