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Hawaii Administrators

95-1030 Meheula Parkway #892711
Mililani, HI  96789

(808) 295-7064

Fax :
(808) 888-6662

or send email to:

List of Benefits

Benefits Include:

  • Website—A company listing and website link, if applicable, on the Association’s website at

  • Promotion of Industry – Representation in industry trade shows such as the Pacific Building Trade Expo by the AIA/CSI.

  • Part of the booth fee paid by the Association for members to participate in the annual Pacific Building Trade Expo by the AIA/CSI. Must be a member for two consecutive years.

  • A listing of your company in all printed, promotional collateral.

  • Membership in a recognized industry organization.

  • Provide referrals to certified tile inspectors, contractors, engineers, architect,  government personnel and consumer.

  • Provide educational opportunities such as technical support and product seminars.

  • Periodic updates on industry news through e-mail, newsletter and website.

  • Newsletter from the Subcontractors Association of Hawaii.

  • Legislative support and lobbying through the TCAH lobbyist.

  • Quarterly meetings to network with other members and discuss policy changes.

  • Complimentary postings on Facebook/Tile Contractors Association of Hawaii.

  • Scholarship Application

    subject to change